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Friday, February 14, 1986

14 Feb

The minnow traps are from Dan Dettwieler... I spoke to him and the traps are going back in.

Sunday, February 9, 1986

9 February 86 (Sunday)

Escorted 2 men off ice due to icefishing. Both mid 30's, white ... left via Gelman side fo lake thru broken segment of fence.

They claimed that a University Professor game them the O.K. to be out here! (Whose name I never heard and have promptly forgotten.)

While booting them out, I noticed 4 minnow traps in placein the lake ice! The fishermen came along as I pulled them out. They were amid holes ~ bushel basket size, evidently cut sometime yesterday... 1/2 of ice had formed over the holes. After yanking the last one out, I noted a label...

"Peter Yost, U.Mich. Museum Zoology" I reported to Paul Kamprath... Lets wait + see!

Friday, February 7, 1986

Saturday, February 1, 1986

1 Feb 1986

(RRB) => Found two men icefishing on the lake
(mid 30's, #1 white, bearded, #2 black, no beard)

They left via East end of Lake and went to their hechicle parked in the Gelman lot.

[Black/dark Green Chev. Pickup ...]

I herded them up there at a distance and entered Gelmen to report this incident to security.