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Monday, March 29, 2010

Testing lake turn-over

Dr. Judd from EMU is out here this morning to test whether Third Sister Lake has turned over yet. The lake's ice (although quite thick during this past winter) melted off quite quickly during the warm spell at the early part of March.

Random mail

Over the years, various caretakers have signed up for various catalogs, magazines, and samplers. While magazine subscription samples is one thing that was a bit of an interesting perk of the position, I must admit that - for me - all the women's clothing catalogs and women's interest magazines are not of that much interest to me.

When I picked up my mail this morning, though, I found a sample for a caretaker from roughly 10 years ago. A sample of what? Tampons and pads. For some reason, this package specifically addressed to a female former caretaker really made my morning.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Although last night was cloudy - and a little windy - with no rain, I awoke this morning with the patter-patter of rain on the roof. With a temperature of 45F, the rain isn't the drenching cold that normally might be coming down at this time of year. Unfortunately, I left my camera at a friend's house, so no photo of the rainy, spring morning.

There is greenery peeking out from under the brown leaves, and I even saw some daffodils poking up. Who knows... there might be some daffs for Easter weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Engineers in the forest

More engineers in the forest tonight, chanting songs around the fire.

Frogman back!

Prof. Berven is back in the forest this week, clearing up a lot of the damage and fallen trees that are around the frog pond. We chatted a little bit about the possibility of having him look at the front lawn area as a refuge for the brown and green frogs during the summer. I had seen some frogs when I was cutting the tall grass last year, and I think that the frogs are living in there (at least some of them).

It's interesting to note that Prof. Berven has been coming to the forest several years, and previous caretakers have made comments about his comings and goings.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring melt

Spring melt
It's mid-March and the snow is melted (save for in a few shadowy corners of the forest). Just a few more weeks, and we might have a bloom of greenery!