Use of the Forest

Public use of Saginaw Forest is encouraged. Rules for the public's use include (but are not limited to):

Monday, December 15, 1986

15 Dec.

Perimeter patrol + trash run... Partying at front gate again... could we set up a night light?

Monday, December 8, 1986

8 Dec. '86

The lake is still with no ice! ... some snow resident on ground. Mustafa Dribika has still not removed the 3 plastic tents from his PhD research site.
At 6:30PM, I routed out of the SF a  ♀, ♂ down by the lake. "Gee, aren't you pen till 8:00 PM?"

Friday, December 5, 1986

5 Dec. '86

The pontoon boat ("float boat") + two "john boats" and two 'derelicts' removed + placed in storage at Stinchfield!!!

Saturday, November 22, 1986

22 Nov. '86

A well-ordered flock of Canada geese overflew the place ~5:00. Snow melting, temp. ~40ยบ. 2 hours repairing the fence. The north fence is still a mess thanks to the loggers of the April Forest. Rewired the N.E. corner ... the corner post down due to treefall, probably 2-4 years ago.
XXXXXX called regarding local citizens effort (letter writing + petition drive) Re: Gelman's deep injection well.
1 hour of touch-up painting inside the cabin.

Thursday, November 20, 1986

Wednesday, November 19, 1986

19 Nov.

Many tracks in the new snow... Traffic appears heavy in 3:00 → 6:00 range → mostly dog walkers and birders.

Tuesday, November 18, 1986

18 Nov.

First honest snowfall!! Third Ssister Lake totally free but pond on the west of the forest is frozen over (±) as of last week.

Saturday, November 15, 1986

15 Nov. '86

Cabin broken into! The west side window was forced open after the screen was slit. Nothing missing, but a search was made of everything. The U.M. Campus police were called as were Washtenaw County Sherrif's department.

Thursday, November 13, 1986

Monday, October 27, 1986

27 Oct.

Leaffall in full swing ... forest visibility very high. Meeting today with Paul Kamprath (Forest property manager) + Barbara Murphy.

Saturday, October 11, 1986

11 Oct. '86

Road repair continues on the "Lower Road" from the gate to the fork at the lake. Leaves near peak color... cool + moist.

Saturday, August 23, 1986

23 Aug.

Perimeter patrol & trash run ... evidence of a picnic in the white pin stand. Cruised the Aprill forest ... a lively site (if you overloock the pillage and rape)... great potential here... can we acquire from ADP?

Thursday, August 21, 1986

21 Aug '86

Cut up one pine that fell across trail above cabin area. Trimmed some dead branches near pathway to protect "dogwalker types".

Sunday, August 17, 1986

17 Aug. '86

Escorted 2 'campers' off the place ("But this is a park, isn't it??") and cleaned up their rubbish.

Tuesday, August 12, 1986

Sunday, August 10, 1986

Saturday, August 9, 1986

9 Aug

Removed 2 groups of fishermen today ... one had his creel on the 'NO FISHING' sign.

Friday, July 18, 1986

18 July 86

Our friends Gelman manage to pill ~18,000 gallons due to ruptured PVC pipe (300 mg/L of solvents)

Thursday, July 17, 1986

Wednesday, July 16, 1986

Sunday, June 8, 1986

8 June '86

Broke up a beer bash/swimming party ... the ax over the shoulder and emerginf from the darkness quietly at 6 ft 4" seems to work well.

Sunday, May 11, 1986

11 May

Tourism on the increase ... broke up an early spring beer bash and "skinny dip" in the lake.

Thursday, April 10, 1986

10 April

The "GrapeVine Harvest" begins again today... Clearing the vines out of the trees.

Sunday, March 30, 1986

30 March

Met the "frogman" of Oakland University. This is the week initiating his frog study in the swamp ... he marked 22,000 last year!

... major Trash Run in morning.

Thursday, March 27, 1986

Thursday, March 13, 1986

13 Mar. '86

Budding in earnest throughout forest... Some branches now seen to be dead! Pruning on this patrol of the perimeter ... good time of year for trash cruising.

Tuesday, March 11, 1986

11 Mar '86

Still full stream flow... many deposits of leaves & silt all across lake.

Posting of "NO TRESSPASSING" signs continue. Lower road a mudhole, upper road still impassable.

Buds on most trees!!

Monday, March 10, 1986

10 March, 86

Stream in Full flood overnight!! The water is much burdened with SILT & LITTER. The lake is still frozen, so the water is flowing out on and over the ice.

Friday, February 14, 1986

14 Feb

The minnow traps are from Dan Dettwieler... I spoke to him and the traps are going back in.

Sunday, February 9, 1986

9 February 86 (Sunday)

Escorted 2 men off ice due to icefishing. Both mid 30's, white ... left via Gelman side fo lake thru broken segment of fence.

They claimed that a University Professor game them the O.K. to be out here! (Whose name I never heard and have promptly forgotten.)

While booting them out, I noticed 4 minnow traps in placein the lake ice! The fishermen came along as I pulled them out. They were amid holes ~ bushel basket size, evidently cut sometime yesterday... 1/2 of ice had formed over the holes. After yanking the last one out, I noted a label...

"Peter Yost, U.Mich. Museum Zoology" I reported to Paul Kamprath... Lets wait + see!

Friday, February 7, 1986

Saturday, February 1, 1986

1 Feb 1986

(RRB) => Found two men icefishing on the lake
(mid 30's, #1 white, bearded, #2 black, no beard)

They left via East end of Lake and went to their hechicle parked in the Gelman lot.

[Black/dark Green Chev. Pickup ...]

I herded them up there at a distance and entered Gelmen to report this incident to security.

Friday, January 3, 1986

3 January

First tour around the lake on the lake...

Many crosscountry skiers skirt the edge likewise. Found a boat aground in a small alcove near the pond by Gelmans... Kurt Byers craft??

Picked up trash ... including a pipe dropped by log across from cabin ... used to smoke marijuana?

9 holes in ice due to icefisherman... Recovered a beer can on ice 3/4 full ... real class act!

Put temporary box out front awaiting replacement. Post office will NOT deliver without a box AND will not deliver to you at the post office.

Wednesday, January 1, 1986

1 January 1986

R.Boyle: Arrived here from Christmas Break circa midnight, missed the turn to the entrance by missing the mailbox as a marker.

In morning, discovered that the county snowplows neatly removed both the mailbox and the Ann Arbor News box.