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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Where have I been!?

So sorry.

It is a great irony to me how often I hear the questions:
"How are you holding up out there?"
"Are you staying warm in the cabin?"
"Is that outhouse heated?"
"Are you stuck?"

Ironic, because they make this winter in the woods seem such a hardship. But the answer to all of these is that it is fine. It is more than fine. The furry Duke and I, we are winter folk. Truth be told, when I am not slaving away at school work, we are outside scurrying through the trees about 2 hours a day. With all the snow, I've wanted to keep tabs on all of the leaners, to be on top of fallen branches in the trails. I like to track the boot steps of visitors to see where they go off trail and why. I like to look for the deer in the early morning (encountered a herd of ten, walking single file down the trail this AM).

But that's enough words, I suppose. Instead, enjoy some photos. I made sure to take some from out on the lake today! I've been meaning to do so for a while. Happy winter to all. May it drag out indefinitely!