Use of the Forest

Public use of Saginaw Forest is encouraged. Rules for the public's use include (but are not limited to):

Monday, April 27, 1987

27 April

Began the first lawnmowing. Continued to remove grapevines from the border trees facing Liberty Ave... Trying to make a hedgerow atop the fenceline.
9:15am Detroit Edison meter reader just came by... They have had a key ~15 years.

Sunday, April 26, 1987

Sunday, April 5, 1987

5 April '87

Small oak tree drops across upper road... I'll cut in up over the next few days ... MINUS GOOD EQUIPMENT.

... the Wicked Witch of the SNR has allowed an equipment raid on us again.

Is Paul Kamprath paying attention?

Friday, April 3, 1987

3 April '87

The grapevines in need of harvest again, as last year.

Leafoff is the best time, so the attack begins!