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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Planning ahead!

Spring is approaching. So is garlic mustard.

I'm interested in making an email list of folks who want to get down and dirty volunteering with me in the woods this spring/summer. If getting face deep in raspberry prickles, buckthorns, and poison ivy is your bag, come join the fun! There will be snacks--and my amazing company--to heal some of the emotional (if not physical) wounds.

What I look like at the end of everyday between May and September.

If you're interested, please email, and I will put you on the email list for this season's fun in the sun.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today's Lesson

Axing downed trees is fun.

Axing downed trees after slipping on ice and smashing your tailbone is NOT so fun.

I generally prefer the ax to the chainsaw, for no other reason than that the physical act of swinging feels so much more rewarding. My target for today was also still half-buried in ice/snow, despite the fact that the world is melting. Since I couldn't see how far deep I needed to cut, I would have been more comfortable using the ax even if I didn't like it. I needed to make two cuts.

Sadly, on this morning's hike, I slipped on the ice going downhill, soundly slamming directly onto my tailbone.

So glad no one was around. The exclamations of agony rivaled Nancy Kerrigan.

Only a few swings in, I knew I was going to have a rough time. The pain resonating up from my hindquarters after the impact of each blow was almost as bad as falling all over again. I valiantly toiled through one of the planned cuts (of course it had to be a hardwood!!), and then waddled back home to nurse my pride.

I think I'll be finishing the job with the chainsaw.

A short but sweet cautionary tale. Watch out for the ice!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Poop party!

It feels like winter is letting go today...though I know that's not true. A couple more inches of snow expected within the next few days, and back to the 20s!

The driveway is a river of snowmelt, but it will take more than a day to vanquish this winter blanket. We enjoyed the warmth on rounds today, and the lovely sunshine.

We did NOT enjoy the EXCESSIVE amount of dog poop occurring on the trails. That's right, I said ON. Folks, please be responsible pet owners, and pick up after your dogs. And keep them on leashes. My dog is on a leash. My dog's poop is in a little blue baggie. If you need a baggie, stop by the cabin--I have many! I'm not sure why this little problem comes in phases like this. Sometimes it's fine, and sometimes its a poop party. And I can tell the difference between coyotes' and dogs'. Trust me.