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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another ice-fisher on Third Sister Lake -- not allowed without appropriate permits

Ice fishing tentAlthough the rules-of-use of Saginaw Forest disallow fishing (i.e., No hunting or harming vertebrates), people still try and get away with fishing on Third Sister Lake. This ice-fisher was the third one that I found this year. Why do they try? Do they think that no one is actually here and monitoring Third Sister Lake usage? Hmmm...

This ice-fishing tent was photographed as I went out to go to the laundromat. As with all ice-fishers, DPS was called. When I returned, I noticed that the ice-fishing tent was no longer there. Combining this evidence with new tire tracks in front of the cabin, I assume that DPS actually talked with the ice-fisher, hopefully informing the person that fishing is not allowed.

How can one go fishing out on Third Sister Lake?
A State of Michigan fishing license doesn't cut it, since - as far as I know - this lake is not connected to navigable waters, and, because it is completely surrounded by a single property, access to fishing is controlled by the landowner; in this case the University of Michigan. The requirement for collecting fish from Third Sister Lake is that a person have a vertebrate sampling license from the University of Michigan. However, this is only for research purposes, and not for personal consumption. Of course, I'm not a lawyer.

If you are a researcher who is going to be coming out to Saginaw Forest in order to do research either on Third Sister Lake or on the lands surrounding it, e-mail me, especially if you don't want to be dealing with DPS.

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