Use of the Forest

Public use of Saginaw Forest is encouraged. Rules for the public's use include (but are not limited to):

Tuesday, June 18, 1991


3.6 hrs --> mowed lawn --> grass 5" tall & very thich in places. Moles are becoming quite a problem & there are now at least 25 dirt mounts from their burrowing activities. I also trimmed grass around posts, firepit, wagon, & house with hedge clippers, and pulled all weeds out of fire pit.

Sunday, June 16, 1991


Arrived back at SF after 9-day hiking trip to the Great Smoky Mts. A huge pile of branches, boards, & logs was in front of the gate - I could barely drive by it. Spent an hour slinging all the wood into surrounding forest & sorted out & disposed of all non-biodegradable trash within the pile. The gall of some people continues to amaze me.

Saturday, June 1, 1991


1/2 hr → cut apart 2 downed trees along road that runs between E. property line & main road.