Use of the Forest

Public use of Saginaw Forest is encouraged. Rules for the public's use include (but are not limited to):

Sunday, March 29, 1987

29 March

Incredible chorus tonight! (~4 species) NO SALAMANDERS! (A PUZZLE!!) Researcher here beginning week #2.

Monday, March 16, 1987

16 Mar

Ah, MICHIGAN weather... A lovely morning for the patrol and the trash collection. Signs reposted and all is right with the world.

Friday, March 13, 1987

13 March

Snowfall began at 11:00 PM! ... Detroit Edison came out to plan a "pole replacing" job for next week ... They want to cut a 40 ft path thru the woods!! NO WAY!

Tuesday, March 10, 1987

Friday, March 6, 1987

Tuesday, March 3, 1987

3 Mar. XX ('87)!

Lost 3 small trees to vandals... If I can catch them, they will be planted by the sorpses of the pine seedlings they killed.