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Friday, November 24, 2006


We've had quite the Indian Summer during this Thanksgiving week. It feels as though it's 50° out - I'm out writing again by the lake. I haven't seen too m,uch so far, though there are several crows across the lake and east of the house making quite a ruckus. It feels like a mild April morning rather than late November.

We are up to having trapped 4 mice thus far in the cabin. We've caught them using conventional snap traps and a bit of peanut better. They've all been caught in the oven broiler drawer!

I keep hearing a decently loud sound in the woods across the lake - sounds like something running through the leaves - but can't put a finger on it. Deer perhaps?

Have seen and heard quite a few chickadees (I think that's what they are but will have to confirm). A flock of ducks just flew east.
Yep it's a black-capped chickadee. Also saw a Downy woodpecker the other day.
A couple of ducks just landed at the east end of the lake. I could hear their wings cut the air as they turned - pretty cool!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


UM Graded the driveway and put additional gravel in spots.

H. heard the Great Horned Owl from inside the cabin yesterday at 6 AM!

We spotted a hawk flying across the yard this morning; H. almost hit a deer in the driveway this morning.

Several folks with dogs off leash on Sunday, but they were affable about it.

As prelims approach and the weather gets colder, I haven't been doing my morning outdoor writing.