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Wednesday, September 20, 1989

20 Sept

Who's Mac + what are his cottonwoods? [Printed on a business card:]
I was by with another alum
to check out the forest +
look at my cottonwood
cuttings across the lake.
                Mac Smith
Hummingbird still around on Salvia.
Great Blue still roosting in willow along lake.
Screech owl calling after dusk.
Strange car drove in after midnight, turned around + left? Who? Why? I was in bed.

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  1. Ah yes, Mac Smith. He was caretaker at Camp Filbert (sp) Roth up in the UP, which was the University's Forestry Camp until it was sold to Purdue in the 90s. I also had a class on the main campus with Mac teaching Fire Management for foresters.