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Sunday, July 30, 2006


  • Spent 1 hour digging out the drainage trench along the road on 7/27.
  • Yesterday, HT and I spent 2 hours cutting up and removing downed trees from the yard and the trail.
The standing dead three that was down proved tough to cut - we could see burn marks from the chainsaw on the ends.

The humidity + heat has been incredibly high of late. We're in for a few more days of it at least. HT slept downstairs in the cabin last night. We've continued to keep the dehumidifier on 27-7 and all of the windows shut. This does make a huge difference inside. Our clothes actually dry inside, whereas on the screened porch, they've remained wet. There was a nice breeze yesterday, but none today so far. It could be quite the scorcher.

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