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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cabin climate

As mentioned previously, the cabin does not have an A/C system, and these past days of record and near-record heat has meant a challenge in keeping the inside from being like a sauna. Thankfully, the cabin is almost entirely shaded and I don't use the stovetop very much nor use many heat-producing items (i.e., few appliances and no incandescent bulbs). This means that - combined with the thick stone walls - the cabin only slowly gains heat, even in this summer weather.

To wit, since yesterday morning (when I last had opened the windows), the inside-cabin temperature has gone up from 75F to 83F, slowly climbing through yesterday's 101F and today's 97F. Thanks to the dehumidifier and fans, the inside humidity stays below 65%. However, I've had to empty out at least 4 gallons of water from the dehumidifier over the past 36 hours!

Happily, I'll be able to cool off the cabin tonight, since the overnight low will doubtless be lower than 83F, and it's expected to be as low as 65F. Phew, I was getting to the point when I was starting to think about purchasing an A/C unit...

Cold showers also help.

UPDATE (2012-July-08): Thanks to the cool temperatures of last night, the inside cabin temperature has come down to 70F. Based on the forecast for tonight, I might even be able to get the temperature down to 60F; a good way to start a week that is expected to climb slowly back up to 100F by next weekend by some forecast.

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