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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last week was b.u.s.y. After doing some honeysuckle/garlic mustard removal early in the week, the weather hit--and didn't stop. The saturated soil brought down trees left and right, to the point where I lost count of how many I cleared and how many I had to go. On Saturday, I was up early to clear a big one before my volunteer work day. When nobody showed at 9, I was disheartened--but at 10:30 I scored two very able-bodied hard workers!

Since there were only three of us, I scrapped the original workday plan of clearing the shrubs along the berm in favor of pulling garlic mustard. We did good work--a lovely and productive morning. Thank you, Diane and Gayle, for the four bags worth of weeds!

I have a bit more tree clearing to do--what was left was "low priority," and I needed a break. Weather is beautiful now, though. Hopefully it will stay that way for when I get home from work!


  1. It has always been unfortunate that garlic mustard starts to grow after the semester has ended (and when most potential volunteers have left town).

    1. I have a nice little email list of people living in Ann Arbor year round that want to volunteer, but for whatever reason it was just a real bad day for everybody but these two!

      It's okay. I'm just happy to have some! =)