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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frog Man done for the season

I bumped into Keith Berven (aka "the Frog Man") on my way into the forest today. He informed me that it would be his last day of the season, and that he would be back in September to set up for the winter.

Having talked to him before about the possibility of migratory locations of the frogs from the frog pond, I knew that he might be interested in the fact that I had found many very small (possibly juvenile) frogs in the tall grass of the front lawn when I went out to cut it back (after returning from vacation). Possibly they were attracted to the grasses because -- when thick and tall -- they can provide shade and relatively wet microclimates at their base. Anyway, he now knows that they might be using that front lawn as well as possibly making their way up the hill above the pond...

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