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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still flowing after >24 hours

Mouth of Creek (2009/06/21)
Originally uploaded by umlud
The creek is still flowing more than 24 hours after the stop of rains. Visually speaking, the discharge this morning wasn't that much lower than yesterday at 6 PM, indicating a potentially large reservoir slowly being flushed...

Looking at an aerial view of the area shows a green "blob" just east of Saginaw Forest. This is where the water is flowing in to the forest, and who knows how much of the parking lots drain into this "blob" of green, and thus into the forest. Furthermore, there are properties south of Liberty Road, the map doesn't show the new construction in the area -- the Nie funeral home and an empty lot with a large retention basin -- that may also be contributing to inflows to Saginaw Forest's creek.

Compared with yesterday morning (when the creek was really kicking through to the lake), though, there is admittedly less sediment.

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