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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday work

Removed a tree. It took about two hours to do, but that was mainly because the tree wasn't just a simple case of resting across the path. It was hung up on some other branches of trees across the path, as well as being supported by a bunch of buckthorn. I strapped the tree to a near-by cedar to ensure that it wouldn't roll on top of me, and then went to work with the hand saw, taking off the smaller branches.

Then the chainsaw took care of a lot of the larger boles. I dragged off the major pieces (and they were quite larger than I originally thought them to be). After severing the tree from its trunk, I pulled off the straps and let the tree roll to the ground. It was a simple measure at that point to then move the tree to the side of the path. Perhaps it will make some good firewood. I'll have to revisit it later.

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