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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nope, Saginaw Forest is still not a dog park

I came across two women with their four dogs off-leash. One of the two said that she had been told that Saginaw Forest is a dog park.

uuuuuhhh.... nope. Not a dog park, which is why there are all the "All dogs must be on leashes" signs around the property.

If you want to take your dog to a dog park, then they are quite easy to find on Google:

  • Copper Leaf Dog Park (3.9 miles south @ Ann Arbor-Saline & Pleasant Lake)
  • Olson Dog Park (5.0 miles northwest @ 1551 Dhu Varren Road)
  • Swift Run Dog Park (6.1 miles southeast @ Platt & Ellsworth)
  • Paw Run Rec Area (8.1 miles north @ 6660 Zeeb Road)
A brief description of the parks can be found at the Ann Arbor Dog website.

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