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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Setting up for SNRE Campfire

This Friday (day after tomorrow) is SNRE's annual Campfire event. On Monday, I mowed the lawn back.
Yesterday, the pumpkins (for carving)
Pumpkins for 2011 campfire
and the straw bales (for sitting around the campfire)
Straw bales
were delivered. Today, water (for drinks), the port-a-johns (for 'evacuation'),
the tent (for covering the food), tables (for placing food upon) and lights (for illumination, of course)
 were all delivered. Tomorrow, the caterer comes at around noon and student volunteers will be showing up at around 1:30 to help with various things that need to be done (including hauling and setting up a log for the saw competition, collecting more wood, and chopping up some of the bigger stuff). I hope that things go as well tomorrow as they have been going so far (knock on wood).

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