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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Caretaker and Work Day!

Good morning!

My name is Jenny Hebert, and I am the new face at the caretaker's cottage. I'm a second year in the School of Natural Resources studying Landscape Architecture and Museum Studies. Currently I'm splitting time between Saginaw Forest and the Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn, where I've been doing work similar to what will be required of me here in Saginaw. I've been trying to introduce myself to everyone out on the trails, so don't be shy if you see me around. I like dogs, cake, and teen novels if you need some discussion recommendations.

Abby and May: Not permanent residents but likely visitors.
The first week has been busy with boxes, visitors, and...a work day! On Saturday, Shaw and I (attempted) to host a volunteer day. Unfortunately, the efforts to gather bodies were unsuccessful, so we tackled the chosen task (clearing the berm road) on our own. Despite being volunteer-less, the morning was industrious. Shaw with the machete, me with the loppers, we gave the road a serious haircut in preparation for its fall use. Although the work was tiring, we were well-rewarded with the bounty of blueberry chocolate chip cookies I'd made for a group of volunteers. Knowing how many two can eat mid-morning on a 3 hour work-day, I'll likely make more on the next go around.

Sorry, my camera is orange and reflective.

On Sunday I will be headed to Colorado for a week to unwind before fall semester starts, and Shaw will be around to check on the woods.

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