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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not. There.

To take the caretaker gig in Saginaw Forest, there are a number of things you need to be tolerant of. Mice. Outhouse. A zoo of in-home insects and arachnids. A useless fireplace. Fortunately, I spent many wonderful summers in a rustic cottage outside Traverse City, and many more hours pretending I was a pony running around my parents' house. I like rustic, I like bugs, animals, pooping outside.

But sometimes the line is crossed.

It was crossed the other night.

As I went out for my pre-bed relief, I opened the door to the outhouse, flipped the switch, and saw a massive wolf spider hanging out on the toilet rim. "REALLY?" I was loud. Quite loud. The spider, alarmed by my incredulity, scuttled it's enormous body UNDER the toilet rim. Worse. Now I wouldn't even know where it was coming from to defend my derriere. Thank goodness I have legs strong enough to practice the "hover" technique.

Upon tonight's return to the scene, the wolf spider had kindly moved elsewhere, away from my seat and quite visible. I think we may have an understanding.

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