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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Additional No Parking sign at the front gate

Additional no parking sign

Before the Campfire event last month, I realized that visitors were parking in the front area of Saginaw Forest, staying away from absolutely blocking the access to the gate, but -- with their focus placed on the sign on the gate telling them not to block it -- fail completely to realize that they have just parked in front of the no parking signs located at the front gate area.

"I didn't see it," is the usual response when I point this out to them. It got me thinking that perhaps, yes, the signs are not immediately obvious to a driver whose attention is focused intently upon things in front of the car. Therefore, I came up with these signs, placed at roughly windshield-level, clearly emphasizing what the official signs say: that there is no parking in the area in which they have just pulled into.

I also provided a TinyURL link to the post I did about where people can park if they wish to visit Saginaw Forest.

In the month since I put the signs up, I have not (yet) seen a car parked at the front area.

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