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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to Michigan, back to school.

Returned safe and sound from Colorado. I missed shade and temperatures under 95 degrees. Good thing I live in the woods.

While I was away, Shaw generously offered to run an Orientation Work Day with incoming SNRE students. They took out a whole corridor of honeysuckle where the trail intersects Saginaw's driveway. The stumps will ultimately be treated to prevent future regrowth. Thanks to all involved! I'm currently in the process of of speaking with other small groups of volunteers for more endeavors down the line. There's always work to be done, and many hands make a lighter load.

In other news, there is a new face in the forest. Leto, a 2 year-old wooly husky, came home with me on Monday from the farm fields of Ohio. He's a friendly little trickster, and has already been making friends on the trails. Beware: he may give you stinky kisses.

I dispatched 2 deadfalls the other day. You may notice one sticking 3 inches out into the trail, and I apologize for that. The chainsaw (which I've found can be particular about when it feels like starting), decided to call it quits before I finished the job, so I had to continue the old-fashioned way with the axe.  I'll return to deal with the jutting end soon.

I've already met a great deal of friendly regulars in the woods. Please continue to say hello! Don't be shy.

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