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Friday, December 6, 2013

Worst blogger ever.

Hi again.

Sorry for the absence. Ironically, I have been on my computer almost 24/7 clicking away on projects as the semester winds up, but blogging has been very low on the list of priorities. This semester has completely slipped out of control, for me and all of the other second year landscape architect students!

But that doesn't mean that things haven't been happening out here in the woods. I would probably have lost it by now if I didn't have to go out and about in this place every day.

We recently got a new heater! [Applause] The older one was malfunctioning, and rather than going on a desperate search to locate replacement parts, it was decided that the cabin was simply overdue for an upgrade.
Ain't she a beaut?

Last post I mentioned that the water was being sampled. Tragically, a second visit was required to our tap today--traces of dioxane were detected from the initial sample. Leto and I have been using that water, naturally, so it's quite a bummer. I'll give you more details after Monday, when the results from the second sample are available.

I should have definitely posted this little tidbit day of, but look who was featured on Mlive on November 20th!
It was a little strange being followed around over the course of two days, but it turned into a nice little feature. Leto was, of course, the star of the show.

At 1 o'clock an entourage of SNRE facilities folks will be out here on their last leg of visiting-the-SNRE-caretaker-properties day. I will be showing them some issues of concern--there are hopefully some changes on the way for the storage facilities!

This past week I've noticed a LOT of coyote scat when out on rounds. Let this serve as a reminder to all of you (particularly those of you who I have to tell every single time) to keep your dogs on a leash.

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