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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tis the season of conifers, axes, and mice

I really need to remember my camera for photo taking on the trail. I always, always forget.

I was shocked to come home during the recent massive weather event to power and no trees in the driveway. I was on my way home from Boston and drove right through the doppler "red" in Ohio. There were a lot of branches down, and two falls that required the axe. One, an ash, fell across the boardwalk. Oh, ash. Takes so long to hack. Fortunately, the pup got to play with a fellow canine walking past while he waited.

The woods have taken on a whole new character with the changing seasons. The conifers are having their time in the spotlight. It's been a delight, taking my usual walks but noticing so many young stands evergreens that had been hidden behind shrub thickets.

I've had some mice hanging out in the cabin, pooping where I prep my food. Bought live traps yesterday, and already had success. They are released across the lake. Hopefully they won't be able to get in once the sealing around the chimney is fixed.

Tomorrow is an eventful day. Well, "eventful." The water is being sampled, and I'm getting a new (functional!) heater. So pleased.

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