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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Captured mouse

Captured mouse
I captured this little mouse the other day. This guy was the third one that I caught manually, in addition to the two other ones that encountered mousetraps. The mice have started to come out more now than in the summer. Why? I don't know. Maybe they have started to come out of the woodwork, since their summer supply of food is gone, or perhaps they have found a way in from the outside... (I really hope it's not this latter possibility.)

What is amazing about the three mice that I captured was that they didn't really know to run away from me, and running around during the day, or while the lights were on.. This little bugger was scurrying around, but  I wasn't able to actually capture him until I realized that he was climbing up the curtains (I didn't know they could do that). He was previously trying to climb up the front of the fireplace stones, but fell off and scurried away once he saw me come.

The days are getting colder, but I hope that this change doesn't mean that there will be more mice coming in to make a nest. Of course, I filled in many of the cracks upstairs with "Great Stuff" - a foam insulation product that one can spray into small voids. There are some places in the roof where previous mice have taken out the insulation in order to build nests in the wall. I'll have to fill in these voids, too, methinks.

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