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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another dog off leash -- why are owners like that?

As I was leaving the forest today, I noticed a doberman off-leash. Two men were walking, and I told them that they had to put their dog on its leash. ... the owner grumbled about it, and I told him that this wasn't a dog park, and they can't let their dog run off its leash. "No one lives here anyway," the guy yells at me.

"What? Are you calling me no one?"

"Fuck you!"

Alright, I got a little ticked off at that, and stormed over to him, and then decided to just call the DPS. I reported the two of them and went off on my morning. However, that got me wondering again why dog owners feel that they are entitled to flout the rules and then get annoyed when they are told that they have to actually follow the rules. I mean, where do they think they get off? Most of them know the rules of Saginaw Forest, one of which includes dogs must be kept on leash. I don't know who you are. I don't know your dog. If your dog is in the forest, it must be on its leash. If you aren't holding it, then it's not "on-leash."

Most people will just pick up the leash or immediately put the dog on its leash. However, there are some owners who just hold on to their dog and wait until you pass, as if that's somehow following the rules. Nope. Sorry. You're still breaking the rules.

If I were to come to your property, then I would be expected to follow your rules - so long as they are legal - or decide not to go there. If you tell me to follow the rules, or yell at me for following a rule that I knew about and decided not to follow, then it's my fault, and I have no right to get angry with you. Similarly, when you are in Saginaw Forest and aren't following the rules, don't get angry at those who tell you to shape up and follow the rules that everyone else has to follow. They aren't the assholes and fuckers for telling you to get back in line.

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