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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bing has some nice "bird-eye" photos of Saginaw Forest

One difficulty that I sometimes have in describing the location of the caretaker's cabin in the forest is that it is so closely hemmed in by trees on three sides, meaning that the only easy way to see the place from the sky is from an angle looking southward (from somewhere north of the cabin).

Bing's maps allows one to rotate the view of aerial photographs to see "bird's eye" views of an area. Here are two views of Saginaw Forest and the caretaker's cabin taken from Bing.

Cabin clearing looking southward.

A view of the fetch of Third Sister Lake looking eastward. The cabin and the clearing can be seen toward the upper-right of the picture. The gray slightly elongate blob toward the bottom-right of the photo is the frog pond.

These photos seem to date from the previous caretakers' tenure. However, not a whole lot has changed from that time. (Of course, the building of a boardwalk along the eastern end of the lake, and a dock on the lake will alter things a little bit...)

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