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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tree trimmers in the forest

Trimmer truckI had a knock on the door at 8am this morning, and -- puzzled -- I opened the cabin door and saw a man with a hard hat, wearing a reflective vest. He was here to trim trees along the power lines and had followed in the power lines from the split-off point on Wagner, and would it be possible to access the property via the road? Sure, and I went to get the gate lock.

Climbing up a tree to lop off branchesA little time later, in drives their truck and they set up in the front lawn. They immediately got to work, trimming away the trees near the power lines, slowly working their way out to the property line with PALL. They are working at cutting the trees as minimally as possible, except when they have to cut down a tree, or when they are asked to remove one. They will eventually also work along the property line, following the power line. Although this doesn't appear to actually be part of the management plan, it is something that really needs be done, since trees do continue to grow, and it has been at least two years since the trimmers were out here last.

Trimming branches
These men seem to have a healthy love of trees and forests, and we spent a little while admiring the massive dogwood perched just on the other side of the creekbed, and I let them both know a little of the history of the forest, and -- based on a photograph of the property dating from 1904 -- told them that the tree (and everything else on the south shore) was planted since when the property converted from a farm to a forestry farm since it was given to the Department of Forestry (now re-re-reincarnated as the School of Natural Resources and Environment).

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