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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cutting sumac

Goodness but there is a lot of sumac in the front area. Over the years, these sumacs have taken over the mid-level canopy, brambles had taken over the same groundcover real estate. All of this growth has slowly been encroaching in on the lawn area. (Was there more lawn back in 2004, when I came out here for a campfire event? I can't, in truth, remember.)

Anyway, I took the saw to some of the sumac and the scythe to the brambles before carting several wheelbarrow-fulls of plant matter to the fire pit. In amongst all of that, I found that there were several vines that had crept into the sumac with runners infiltrating what looks like much of the ground in the area (that's going to be really annoying to deal with in the future unless I can pull up most of it).

After a couple bouts each of an hour's work, I think that things are going well (enough) with the cutting-back-of-the-plantlife. Especially with the management plan construction coming up, I think it would be a good thing to deal with now.

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