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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot days

These hot days in Ann Arbor saw the temperature reach the low 90s Fahrenheit (low 30s Centigrade). Without any air conditioning in the cabin, one would that it would end up being very hot inside. However, it hasn't been too bad, because, being surrounded by mature trees to the south and the north, the cabin stays in shade for much of the day, meaning that the heat gain isn't too bad. (This could be a problem if SNRE wanted to install some solar panels.) Furthermore, although the roof insulation isn't the best in the world, the thick stone walls don't really allow for much heat gain, either.

On the inside, I am running a de-humidifier, something that is especially necessary when living so close to a lake (evaporation) and surrounding trees (respiration), both of which make humidity much higher than in the surrounding area. Still, with the de-humidifier running, I'm able to keep the humidity at 70%, although after only 10 hours, the 50 pint (23 liters) reservoir is 1/4 full!

When walking outside last night, the damp clung to me and the insects, frogs, and smell of the evening humid air took me back to nights on Guam.... ah, nostalgia.

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