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Monday, October 4, 2010

Construction progress

Last week, work on the management plan began, with clearing shoreline brush and reeds for the installation of the dock. Today, thanks to the installation of the supports last Thursday, the work continued apace, with the builders finishing much of the structure of the dock, making it likely that they will finish covering it tomorrow. Next at this site: the installation of a "corduroy path" to allow wheeled access from the drive.

Meanwhile, the construction of the east path was stalled until today, when the siltscreens (straw lining packed in a biodegradable mesh) were installed, and a Bobcat digger was brought in. As of 4PM on Monday, the trail-blazing crew has advanced roughly 30 meters from the east-end of the property, and should be back to the cabin by the end of tomorrow, barring any major problems.

Still, the acts of this team has changed changed the nature of the eastern pathway, transforming it from a narrow footpath first into a cleared path by scraping and cutting away the groundcover vegetation and now into a path cut into the ground for eventual packing with gravel.

Split in the path

Split in the path
Cleared (and slightly widened)

A new pathway is cut

The other part of the construction (the small bridge over the ephemeral stream) is waiting until other things take place: the blazing of the trail and the completion of the dock. Perhaps they will start by tomorrow...?

UPDATE: The photos in the slideshows cover all photos of the building of each structure. Therefore, the timeline of the slideshow goes beyond the description in the text.

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