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Monday, October 4, 2010

Contractors out early

I was lying in bed at 7:30 -- just looking at the ceiling and contemplating the morning -- and I heard two dull thuds. "Hm. Perhaps its a tree falling across the lake," I thought. And then some muffled talking ensued.

A moment before my mind put together these two pieces of information and threw away the notion that the contractors might not come before 9am got me out into the morning chill. Indeed, two had come out, waiting for a third to drop off more lumber for the building of the dock and bridge. Yesss!

The night had not gotten quite down to freezing, and the forecast is calling for another warm spell by the weekend, but I would hazard that autumn is upon us. The mist on the lake was minimal, but looked really nice with the warm colors of the turning leaves behind.

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