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Thursday, March 15, 2012

HEAVY rain leads to erosion

Well, THAT was interesting! A massive storm cell passed over Saginaw Forest at about 6:00 pm today,

March 15th storm

dumping a boatload of rain on the property and inundating the little creek...

...and causing erosion on the paths. It even raised the lake level about a foot!

Right now, the water is not far below the level of the footbridge...

...and is maybe a finger's breadth below the level of the dock.

SHEEESH! that was a lot of rain.

I'll be making rounds tomorrow morning to check whether there was more damage on the property, but right now all the land down near the lake is very squidgy. (Heh, my spell-checker apparently recognizes "squidgy" as a word.)

And the spring's just beginning...

On a positive note, the willows are starting to blossom - their feathery buds are just peeking through... so that's nice. The frogs are happy (although Prof. Berven's student assistants aren't too happy) in all that new standing water. And, happily, the cabin suffered no discernible problems.

Let's hope that the frogs eat up all the mosquito larvae...

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