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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heavy rains knock out my interwebs connection

The heavy (heavy) rains yesterday knocked out my internet connections. After holding on the line with AT&T for 40 minutes (thank heavens for speaker-phone), I was told that they would be able to send a crew out between the hours of 8AM and 5PM (!) this Friday.

The rain didn't only knock out the internet, but it also clogged the recently installed drain along the road, thus washing sand and silt along the bend in the road. Had to dig out some of that sand last night, with humidity and mosquitoes. Not terribly fun...

The graph to the right is from the USGS river gage on the Huron River. Although the site is below two control dams, large rain events still do make an impact, and you can see that (even if part of the increase was due to dam releases in anticipation of the storm) water levels did increase dramatically during a short period yesterday afternoon (from roughly 820 cfs to roughly 1400 cfs).

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