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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New dehumidifier

Ann Arbor during the summer is normally quite humid. Living in a forest during an Ann Arbor summer is likely even more humid (trees breathe too, you know). When I moved in to the cabin in January, there was an old Samsung dehumidifier the previous caretakers used. However, after plugging it in this time, I realized after a few days of it running that -- for some reason -- it leaked half (or more) of the water it collected all over the carpeting. To that end, I purchased a new Westpointe 50-pint dehumidifier at Stadium Hardware this past Sunday. After letting it run (it has an automatic humidity control) since Monday morning, I poured out about 30 pints after coming home this evening! That's about 8 pints per day!

I think that I'll be letting that puppy continue to run -- it can only help with the maintenance of the building. (And it's much quieter -- and supposedly less energy-intensive -- than the Samsung.)

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