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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mowed road-edge

Mowed road-edge
Originally uploaded by umlud
On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, it appears that Washtenaw County road commission decided to mow the edge of Liberty Road. However, when they got to the section of road that goes alongside Saginaw Forest, they encountered a problem they probably don't encounter often: trees growing over, and into the road-edge.

The result of their labors seems to be (at this point) making the edge of Saginaw Forest look like a kind of war zone against nature. The shredded edge in this photo is almost like a median between the hard, hot asphalt road and the cool, lush forest.

Of course, the work had to be done, though, and the increased visibility offered by cutting back the forest growth does offer me greater safety as I enter and leave the property. It also provides a fresh "edge" along which plants can grow; filling in some of the presently-barren forest floor along the fenceline.

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