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Saturday, June 20, 2009

One wonders about the total sourcing of the creek's water

Coming back from Solomon's house at 11:30PM, I went by the creek, and it's still running. I wonder exactly how much area this creek is draining, and if it is also draining the properties that are south, across Liberty as well as the Liberty-Wagner business lot. After all, these properties have a large water detention storage, with an overflow... Of course, I don't know if that overflow goes into a storm sewer or if it connects up (going under Liberty Road) with the drains from the Lib-Wag business park, and into the creek here in Saginaw Forest.

I wonder if an experiment with lots and lots of small, semi-bouyant balls and tracking them along their path is feasible. (I'm thinking about a storm-drain equivalent of the rubber-duck open-ocean-current tracking.) If these lots are discharging into a common drain that leads into Saginaw Forest, this could well be a major problem in terms of channel stability here.

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