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Saturday, September 26, 2009

SNRE Campfire

Learning the history of Saginaw ForestThis year's SNRE Campfire event was a great event, with over 100 students, alumni, faculty, and staff celebrating the history of the school around the campfire circle, sharing stories with friends, competing in events, and learning a little bit about the history of the school and of Saginaw Forest.

Thanks to Brett Levy for his one-man performance throughout the night. Thanks to the staff of the the Dean's Office and the Office of Academic Programs (OAP) for their behind-the-scenes logistics, specifically to Marie, Erin, and Kim. The night was a rather hectic affair, with me organizing (aka corralling via bellowing) the cross-cut sawing competition, Solomon organizing the wader races, and also with me helping out with showing people around the property.

Sitting around the campfire

I learned several things about the logistics of organizing events out here, and want to be able to use those ideas for next year's event.

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