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Monday, September 27, 2010

Chimney (hopefully) sealed

A few people from "plant operations" were out this morning to climb up on the roof and apply some mastic to the base of the chimney. Apparently, although the chimney was in need of tuck-pointing (which was done earlier this year), it wasn't this that was likely causing the infiltration of the water into the cabin along the face of the chimney. The old chimney structure doesn't have a method of sealing and tying into the roof, and so the only (financially feasible) option seems to have been to use a cement. Well, that cement had weathered away, allowing water to infiltrate between the chimney and the roof.

The mastic -- which was applied just like layering a cake with icing -- should last two to three years before a need for re-application or touch-up.

The two guys suggested that perhaps the masonry should be sealed as well, but let's first see how things go with mastic.

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