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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soggy ground

All the snowmelt has not yet drained through the already saturated soil, and so the paths and the lawn are - in places - quite mushy. It feels like March weather... on Groundhog Day.

BTW, the groundhogs probably stuck their noses out of their burrows today, thought that winter was already over, and called it a day. I kid, but with the way that the weather has been this year, I'm surprised that there aren't more buds on trees and spring flowers popping up.

Also, at some point last year (or perhaps in 2010) a large oak branch partially broke off of one of the oaks standing above the cabin. It had been hanging there, and it was questionable whether it would crash on the roof or just along side it once it fell. Well, last night it fell, with the thick part of the branch landing - with a thump - just four feet from the corner of the cabin and the rest of it being hung up on the electrical wire that runs to the barn. It was not the most fun place to wield the chainsaw, but thankfully, the electrical wire is reinforced by a support cable. After about 10 minutes the obstacle was cleared, about 1/3 of it going into the burn pile.

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