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Monday, February 27, 2012

Volunteer Day coming up (tentatively April 1)

I have been thinking about having another volunteer day for doing larger-scale maintenance projects that I cannot do alone. These would be things like removing invasive plants from a section of the property, doing some basic trail maintenance (such as raking away years of accumulated leaves), or picking up some trash from along Liberty Road.

Right now, even though the winter has been effectively non-existent this year, I am thinking that it would be a good thing to wait until the start of April; perhaps even April 1 (no joke!). There will be other opportunities for people to volunteer during this summer, but right now, I think that a tentative April 1st work day ought to be penned into my calendar.

Since the property doesn't have too many tools - only enough for me, after all - volunteers would have to bring their own work gloves and tools. (Things like loppers, pruning shears, and hand saws ought to do the trick for most of that I am thinking about tackling.)

I still have to get final approval from the University for having a volunteer day, but I don't imagine that it will be a serious problem (and there might even be some funding available for refreshments).

I don't know how much of  a draw there will be from the student body, but I am also planning an early-May volunteer day so that students who are still in town will have fewer reasons not to come out on a weekend to help maintain a property.

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