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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finished mowing down the "main part" of the lawn

It took an additional three hours to do, but I mowed down the main part of the front lawn (hopefully without killing too many small vertebrates) and spread the grass clippings near the Roth memorial stone. Since the grass was allowed to grow tall, when cut short, it looks brown, taking several weeks to come into green. Therefore, the front lawn looks like a patchwork right now, with the paths being the most verdant, followed by the 1st quarter that was mowed, then by the 2nd, etc. I'll keep mowing the entire cut area for the next 2 months (i.e., until after the SNRE campfire) before letting it go for the winter. (Maybe one last mow in November, if there isn't snow on the ground by then.)

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