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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saw a fox

Walking back into the cabin, I happened to look down the road and saw a red fox looking back at me. We stood there looking at each other. Time seemed to start to stretch out, as we watched each other quiet and still. Then, just as quickly and as easily as I stopped to look down the road, the fox turned and trotted back down the road, its black-tipped furry tail swishing ever so slightly as it disappeared around the bend.

The visit reminds me that I live in a forest that has all of these animals that I don't know that I'll see on a day-to-day level, if at all. (I still haven't seen the feral pigs.) Too bad that I didn't get a photo, since I don't know if I'll see this guy again (let alone when I have a camera on-hand).

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