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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monitoring well pre-dig meeting in the forest

There will be another monitoring well dug in Saginaw Forest, and this morning we had representatives from most of the various groups that are involved (either actively or administratively):
  • DTE: ensure that electricity won't be affected
  • Utility surveying: ensure that underground lines are properly marked
  • Scio Township: because this is happening in the township
  • UofM OSEH: they are in charge of safety and environmental health
  • PALL: who are charged with drilling the monitoring well
  • Well drillers: who came out to see where they will be working next week
This meant that, in addition to the biologists who came out, there were suddenly a large number of vehicles lined up in front of the cabin.

The various groups needed in order to drill another test well

Phone line marked outMost everyone drove off within 15 minutes of arriving, the whole thing being pretty straight-forward on their various ends, leaving OSEH, PALL, and drillers waiting for more people who didn't show up on time (and didn't end up showing). One mystery of the cabin was "uncovered" by the utility surveyor: the location of the phone cable, which apparently runs along the gravel road, and doesn't go under the concrete slab that is the patio (and was apparently poured after the foundation slab).

The well drilling operation will likely start on August 24, and the contractors will continue to be on-site (with their equipment) for 3-7 days. Therefore, if you happen to see a truck parked on the lawn that looks like it's digging a well, that's exactly what's going on.

Luckily, this should be done before the contractors come to get started on the construction of the boardwalk and dock, which are part of the forest management plan.

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