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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Removed a downed pine

One of the pines surrounding the Filibert Roth stone fell at some point during the last week and was hung up on another one of the pines in the area. After roping it against one of the surrounding trees, I cut as much of it as I could away from the base -- to try and get it as "vertical" as possible, thus making it easier for me to move. It was still difficult to get down, requiring me to "roll" it off the branches of the pine on which it was hung up. With a 'crack' the dead pine rolled off the branches of the live one, and I proceeded to cut away the part of the tree lying across the road.

Turns out there were carpenter ants in the wood, as evidenced by the many holes there -- and the grubs that fell out. I continued by chopping up the wood for future fire-building.

Then, shirt absolutely saturated with sweat, dripping to the ground, I went back to the cabin and washed down.

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