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Friday, January 15, 2010

Above the melting point

We've reached melting-point, and the icy powder that's been lying on the ground since last week is now transitioning through icy packed snow to ... clear ground. Already, parts of the roadway are clear of snow, and I can only hope that the plowing efforts have been adequate enough to ensure that excessive erosion doesn't occur during snow-melt.

I also hope that people have enough sense-of-mind to not venture out across the lake during these days. There are more and larger patches of watery ice visible, so if people only ensure that they use a modicum of common sense, then there won't be any fall-ins. I have hope: the visitors are usually on top of the ball about safety (if not about following dog-leash rules).

I caught another three mice in the trap. It seems to work quite well for these buggers. However, this last time I forgot to check the trap for a few days and one of the mice ate the remains of its fellow captive before it, too, died. Kinda gruesome. Both were disposed of onto the frozen lake where - once it melts - they will become food for the Lepomis macrochirus that live in the lake.

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