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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chopped some wood

Chopped woodDuring the tree-thinning process, a lot of trees were cut into pieces, the logs deposited on the side of the road. The work left a lot of timber, and - due to future wood need - I decided to cut one of the logs into manageable pieces which will then be cut into firewood.

Before doing this, I needed to purchase a sledgehammer for this to be made more simple (the 3lb and 4lb single-hand hammers were a little too light-weight). I settled on purchasing a 6lb two-handed sledgehammer from Stadium Hardware, and another log-splitting wedge.

Cutting up that log was a bit of work, especially since it was about 4 ft in length, and splitting it required a lot of work in driving in the wedges, but after one hour, I was able to split the log three times and then transport the lot back to the barn. I'll cut them up further with the chainsaw - into 1ft lengths - later, and then chop those pieces up into smaller wedges of wood.

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