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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drizzles overnight = a bit of snowmelt happening

January snowmeltI noticed this morning the characteristic *ping-pang* of rain hitting the chimney cap of the gas stove. I had seen the weather forecast say that the rain was supposed to come down today, and had started a little earlier than it was supposedly going to happen. The weather forecast for the rest of today calls for possible thunderstorms, too! (If I hear that happening, I'll try and take some photos.)

Melting lakeThe rain cleared off the remnants of the snow covering the (I'm sure) ever-shrinking layer of ice. The coloring of the ice is now a nice light gray-blue.

Snowmelt disappearing into the snow
The interesting thing is that - unlike what happened during the torrential downpours of Christmas day - there isn't enough rain and snowmelt to saturate the stream. Indeed, the water slowly flowing down the streambed slowly disappears into the sandy ground, and (at least at the time when I took the photo) none of the water was reaching the lake's icy surface.

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